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The site is located in the retail centre of Whetstone on the High Road, one of the principle routes into central London. On the north side of the site are retail shops with residential flats above and to the south of the site there is a Marks and Spencer food store and car park. The commercial and retail development forms a ribbon commencing just north of the site leading into the centre of Whetstone with active frontages facing onto the street, with residential areas set behind the commercial street frontages.


The design of the Hotel uses existing elements of the contextual area to define its elevation. The height of the building is in keeping with the adjacent roofline of the buildings to the north of the site. The window bays to the upper hotel elevation follow the vertical rhythm set up by the adjacent terrace also to the north. The horizontal lines of the window cills fascia and roofline have been followed through the new building elevation.

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